Committee Chairs

In addition to the Board of Directors, IVAPM has several committees, all of which contribute to IVAPM’s on-going education, testing and policy development processes and conference participation. See below for a listing of IVAPM Committees.

If you’re interested in volunteering and participating on a committee, please contact us at IVAPM@NAVC.com.

  • CVPP Committee- Thierry Beths, DVM, CVPP & Arielle Markley, DVM, CVPP
    • Certification Committee BOD Liaison- Carrie Giordano, DVM, CVPP
    • Examination Committee Liaison – Jennifer Carter, DVM, CVPP
  • Education, Speakers Bureau & Conferences – Mike Petty, DVM, DVPP
  • Finance Committee – Douglas Stramel, DVM, CVPP, CVMA
  • Nomination Committee – Bonnie Wright, DVM, CVPP
  • Website Committee- Brian Trumpatori, DVM, DACVS