Committee Chairs

The IVAPM is always looking for member involvement! There are several committees, all of which contribute to IVAPM’s on-going education, testing and policy development processes and conference participation. From time to time, the board also creates various ad hoc committees to help facilitate specific issues.

If you are interested in volunteering and participating on a committee, please see the contact information below:  

Communications Committee:

  • The communications committee works with the Executive Director by providing direction and content assistance for the dissemination of information related to IVAPM business and educational goals for distribution via the electronic newsletter, social media channels, website, member portal, and any other member communications channels as identified.
  • Committee Chair: Tasha McNerney
  • Contact: socialmedia@ivapm.org
  • Members: Kirsty Oliver, Chris Levine, & Jennifer Johnson

CVPP Committee:

  • The IVAPM’s certification program was designed to be a challenging and achievable certification program. The certification is awarded to candidates that have met IVAPM’s standards for education, training and experience in interdisciplinary pain management. The program is open to licensed veterinary professionals with a minimum of five years in full time practice and at least two years of clinical experience working with animals in pain. The Committee is split into two subcommittees: 

Credentialing Sub Committee:

  • Reviews submitting applications and supporting documentation including, but not limited to CE requirements, skills forms and case studies.
  • Committee Chair: Carie Allred
  • Members: Carrie Giordano, Mary Ellen Goldberg, Jacqueline Johnson, Sherri Lanning, Puspendra Jha & Gillian Burns

Examination Sub Committee:

  • Develops exam questions, reviews and edits current exam questions to ensure accuracy and appropriate references for questions.
  • Committee Chair: Ben Brainard
  • Members: Thierry Beths, Bernie Hansen, Mayte Aleman & Gillian Burns

Education, Speakers Bureau & Conferences:

  • The Education/Conference Committee promotes the IVAPM by providing pain management-specific continuing education (CE) tracks at select and/or requested Conferences. The education committee identifies and maintains speakers named to the IVAPM speaker’s bureau.
  • Committee Chair: Sharon Campbell
  • Members: Chelsie Estey & Joy Tseng

Finance Committee: 

  • The Finance Committee oversees and maintains the financial stability of the Organization.
  • Treasurer: Danielle Anderson

International Committee: 

  • The International Committee identifies IVAPM members or non-members that are fluent in languages other than English and invites these individuals to become IVAPM translators. The Committee then works with the board and other collaborators to identify documents for translating.
  • Committee Chair: Emmanuella Sogebi
  • Members: Beatriz Monteiro

Nominating Committee:

  • The Nominating Committee oversees and supervisors the nominating process for incoming Board of Director members.
  • Committee Chair: Jennifer Johnson

Student Chapter Committee:

  • The Student chapter committee will liaison between student chapters of the IVAPM at veterinary and technician schools. They will help to organize education and events for chapters and help promote IVAPM membership among all students. 
  • Committee Chair: Tammy Grubb
  • Contact: Students@IVAPM.org
  • Members: Melina Zimmerman, Sharon Campbell, Hannah Capon, Gwen Francisco, Anne Jillson, Kirsty Oliver, Emmanuella Sogebi, Kristin Shaw, & Stephen Cital