Strategic Alliance Partners

The IVAPM is an international organization committed to being the leader in the advancement of veterinary pain management, and the ultimate resource for veterinary pain management. In an effort to continually improve animal pain management, the IVAPM has created guidelines for forming strategic alliances with organizations who share our values and goals.

We are committed to educating the veterinary community to recognize and treat pain in all animal species. IVAPM provides continuing education around the world on topics related to animal pain and offers the only interdisciplinary certification program for veterinary professionals (Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner).

We recognize that treating pain in animals required an interdisciplinary approach. IVAPM is inclusive by design. We welcome all levels of medical professionals with an interest in veterinary pain management.

We encourage open communication on topics related to the treatment of pain in animals. IVAPM’s members freely exchange information and consult with experts around the world on the IVAPM Forum.

We support standards of care for animals in pain. IVAPM develops, advocates for, and communicates best practices in veterinary pain management.

We are actively promoting pain management instruction for all veterinary students. IVAPM recognizes that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders in the field. We are working toward the goal of a student chapter at every veterinary teaching institution.

We promote humane, scientific investigation in the field of veterinary pain management. The IVAPM Research and Scholarship Foundation award scholarship and supports research initiatives with the goal of advancing quality of care for all animals in pain.

We create opportunities to education and encourage animal owners to recognize pain in their pets and seek treatment from their veterinarian through programs such as Pet Pain Awareness Month and providing owner assessment sheets.


• Uniting of organizations with common interests including educational, medical, etc.
• Increases the magnitude of advocacy for animal pain management.
• Partnership opportunities for educational programs and other special projects.
• Cross promotion of organizations via website links and promotional materials.
• Credibility added to the IVAPM and its strategic alliance partners.


• Alliances must be mutually beneficial and the IVAPM of the alliance organization has the right to terminate relationships if deemed inappropriate. Alliances may be formed for the purpose of a single project or as a long-term relationship.
• There shall be no exchange of monies for the purpose of creating a strategic alliance.
• Joint ventures should involve the pooling of resources for the purposes of marketing an idea or providing education.
• No one alliance should be the sole beneficiary of a joint venture.
• The IVAPM shall not be the sole contributor of money to any joint venture.

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