About Us

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) is the leading forum and educational resource for veterinary professionals interested in animal pain prevention, management and treatment. Additionally, we educate and inform pet owners about their pets health and well-being when it comes to pain management, be it acute or chronic pain.

Our Priorities

Animal pain management continues to be a rapidly expanding field as research findings and clinical experience continue to evolve. As treatment options grow, IVAPM seeks to combine the traditional and medicinal modalities of pain management with complimentary treatments such as acupuncture, rehabilitation and physical therapy. As such, combining various pain management therapies allows for the best possible outcome for the animal.

As a leader in the advancement of animal pain management, IVAPM is committed to the following priorities in veterinary pain management:

  • Educating the veterinary community to recognize and treat pain in all animal species. IVAPM provides continuing education around the world on topics related to animal pain and offers the only interdisciplinary certification program for veterinary professionals.
  • Recognizing that treating pain in animals requires an interdisciplinary approach. IVAPM is inclusive by design. We welcome all medical professionals with an interest in veterinary pain management.
  • Encouraging open communication on topics related to the treatment of pain in animals. Our members freely exchange information and consult with experts on the IVAPM Forum.
  • Supporting standards of care for animals in pain. IVAPM develops, advocates for and communicates best practices in veterinary pain management.
  • Promoting pain management instruction for all veterinary students. IVAPM recognizes that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders in the field. We are working to have a student chapter at every veterinary teaching institution.
  • Promoting humane, scientific investigation in the field of veterinary pain management. The IVAPM Research and Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships and supports research initiatives working to advance the quality of care for all animals in pain.