Exhibiting Events

Review the list below of 2020 conferences where IVAPM will be in attendance. Be sure to visit our booth at conferences where we’re exhibiting.

  • Thank you to Elanco for sponsoring the IVAPM Pain Management Symposium at VMX & WVC 2020
  • VMX, Orlando, FL, January 18-22
    • Speaker Lineup, Sunday, January 20, 2020:
      • 8:00 AM: Optimizing Analgesia: Open Your Pain Management Toolbox, Tammy Grubb
      • 9:55 AM: Those “Other” Pain Drugs: Fact/Fiction, Updates & Practice Tips, Mark Epstein
      • 11:00 AM: Have the Nerve: Local & Locoregional Anesthesia, Mark Epstein & Tammy Grubb
      • 1:45 PM: The Intertwine of PAIN & FEAR: Therapeutic Implications & Options, Tammy Grubb
      • 2:50 PM: An Anesthesiologist & General Practitioner Discuss Cases in Pain Management, Mark Epstein & Tammy Grubb
      • 4:00 PM: Rethinking Osteoarthritis in 2020, Mark Epstein
  • Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas, NV, February 16-19
    • Speaker Lineup, Monday, February 17, 2020:
      • 8:00 AM: Effects of Pain on the Health, Emotional Well0-being & Quality-of-Life in Dogs & Cats, Mike Petty
      • 9:00 AM: I Know That Dog Has Chronic Pain: Convincing the Owner, Mike Petty
      • 10:35 AM: I Know That Cat Has Chronic Pain: Convincing the Owner, Mike Petty
      • 11:35 AM: Acute & Chronic Pain Management: Old & New, Mike Petty
      • 2:00 PM: CBD in the Clinic: New Cannabinoid Studies for Small Animals, Stephen Cital
      • 3:00 PM: Behind the Eight Ball: Playing Catch-up with a Painful Patient, Kristen Cooley
      • 4:35 PM: One COX Does Not Fit All: Choosing the Right NSAID, Stephen Cital
      • 5:35 PM: One Your Last Nerve: Locoregional Anesthesia for the Veterinary Team 
  • Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) 2020 Convention, July 9-12, Quebec City, Quebec
  • International Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Symposium (IVECCS) VIRTUAL, September 12-14, 2020
    • The IVECCS 2020 has gone Virtual! The program has been condensed to provide 3 full days of topics relevant to the pain management practitioner, September 12-14, 2020.
    • On Saturday, September 12, the IVAPM has coordinated an IVAPM review for those interested in certifying as a veterinary pain practitioner, featuring preventative and chronic pain management, as well as a discussion on the effects of pain on quality of life and the burden on the caregiver.
    • In addition there will be a special focus session on pharma and non-pharma treatment of pain in felines, and pharmaceuticals, phytochemicals, and pain in pets.
    • On the following days, there will be topics presented in the general session related to pain management as well as emergency and critical care.
    • Since the virtual program can be accessed on-demand after the symposium to any registrant, there is a potential for earning >40 hours CE credit.
    • In consideration of the strong relationship IVAPM has with IVECCS and the hardships placed on our veterinary community because of the recent pandemic, the VECCS Board of Directors has not only reduced registration rates, they have provided IVAPM members with a special 60% discount rate below the non-VECCS member rate.
    • You must properly register as an IVAPM member with a code provided to you in the email announcement sent on July 22.
    • There is an additional $160 registration fee for the IVECCS Veterinary MDR and $120 for the Technician MDR.
    • Visit IVECCS.org for information on their program!

Looking for additional CE? Visit our Strategic Partner C.A.R.E. for more information regarding their PRO program.