IVAPM is Your Ultimate Resource for Animal Pain Management.

IVAPM is an international organization.  We are the leading source of education in pain management and offer the only interdisciplinary certification program available today.  We have developed guidelines for veterinary pain management and support research in the field through the IVAPM Research and Scholarship Foundation.  Our members are professionals with diverse educational backgrounds and training – all committed to improving the quality of life for animals in pain.

News and Hot Topics

In June of 2014, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association came out with Guidelines for Recognition, Assessment and Treatment of Pain. IVAPM President Bonnie Wright, DVM, served on the council charged with creating this document.

Learn How to Recognize Pain in Animals

Sick and injured animals in the wild are the most vulnerable to predators so they hide their pain. Our companion and farm animals have inherited this same instinct. Signs of pain in animals may be very subtle and hard to recognize them.

Check Out the IVAPM Dosage Calculator

Try the IVAPM Dosage Calculator. You can easily determine the recommended dose of commonly-used pain medications used to treat dogs and cats based on patient weight.

Education in Animal Pain Management

IVAPM sponsors lectures around the country and offers state-of-the art continuing education in the classroom and online. We can even help you find a speaker for your next meeting! Check out the Calendar of Events for classes and lectures.

Learn About IVAPM Certification

The CVPP program is for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Candidates must have practiced five years including two years working with animals in pain. Requirements also include CE hours, cases studies, and a written exam.

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